Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft – Paper Collages

Need a simple and fun fall apple tree craft? This apple tree circle punch craft is a perfect idea both for the classroom or for getting crafty at home.

Kids are generally super excited when they can work with a punch (great for motor skills too) so this collage art will be fun for them for sure.Simple Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft for Kids

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Apples and apple trees are a great theme both for fall unit or back to school.

Simple collage crafts are great as kids of all ages can easily make them – no need to stick with circles either, you can have the kids rip the paper to pieces of all kinds of shapes, although apples sure will look delicious if red and round.

We used regular print paper with this one so it’s easy to punch (or rip).

Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft

What you need

  • a sheet of white paper (construction paper is best)
  • green paper
  • red paper
  • brown paper
  • circle punch
  • scissors
  • glue

Watch The Video Tutorial

Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions On How To Make This Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft for Kids

Cut a strip of brown paper for the tree trunk. Glue it on the white paper.

Cut a strip of green paper – make an arch. This will make the grass.

Glue it at the bottom of the paper.

Punch or cut a whole lot of green circles.

Apply glue on the treetop area.

Start sticking on the green circles. Add more glue when needed.

You are done when you are happy with how your treetop looks like.

Punch or cut a few of red circles and glue them on the treetop.
All done!

Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft for Kids to Make

Apple Tree Circle Punch Craft for Kids

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  1. Hi! I love your website! It gives me so many lesson plan ideas! Thank you! Quick question, which circle ping did you use? I’m trying to get one for this project and want to get a recommendation. Thank you again!

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