Caterpillar Craft – Paper Circle Crafts for Kids

If you have been following our website you already noticed we are all about easy and doable project. We love them even more when they turn out cute! And this certainly can be said about this caterpillar craft made with simple materials.

The circle punch is the newest addition to our craft supply closet and it certainly is one we recommend – it’s amazing how many cool things you can come up with by using simple circle shapes.

Caterpillar Craft for Kids

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Are you ready to get creative? Paper is one of our favourite crafting materials, it’s frugal, easy to work with and allows for endless possibilities. It’s also a wonderful material to use for classroom crafts as, again, it’s super frugal.

Most of our previous paper crafts were made by using scissors but now we have “upgraded” our inventory with a circle punch and one thing is for sure – young ones love punching paper. So if you are a teacher you can let the little ones do all the punching.

Paper Circle Crafts – Caterpillar Craft

We are kick starting our paper circle crafts with a cute and simple Caterpillar craft (which goes nicely along with The Hungry Caterpillar in case you are reading that one).

What you need:

  • circle paper punch
  • light blue paper for background
  • green paper
  • red paper
  • yellow paper
  • black marker
  • wiggle eyes stickers (optional but extremely fun)

Got all the materials ready? Time to punch! Punch a whole lot of green circles. We will be making a body out of these. Also punch a red or yellow circle to make the head. You can just as easily leave it green.

Glue on the green circles on the light blue background. Arrange them to make a S-like shape. Stick glue works out best for this.

When you are happy with how the body of your caterpillar looks add a yellow or red circle. Decorate the head, you can draw the eyes and the mouth or you can use wiggle eyes stickers to make the eyes (which is always fun for the kids). Regular goggly eyes work out great too.

Simple Caterpillar Craft

Adorable Caterpillar Craft

Cute Caterpillar Craft

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