DIY Chess Board Game

Chess is one of those games that every kids should play! But you don’t have to buy it you can easily make your own chess board game with your kids (they will have lots of fun making it and later on playing it!).

DIY Chess Board Game

How to make your DIY Chess

you will need a piece of scrap fabric (I had some black but any color will do)

potato or a square stamp
colors (depending on the color of your fabric)
rocks (flat, in different sizes)

Let’s do it!

Let’s start with cutting the potato so that you get a square stamp. Now start stamping the board (the board is 8×8 fields – one white one black…). Once you got the whole board stamped you can make a boarder to make it more clear. Cut the fabric.



Now comes the fun part! Painting rocks! We decided to have white and yellow chess figures as it would be difficult to draw on black ones (we don’t have a white marker but if you do or want to draw on the figures with something else than sharpies I think it will turn out even better!).

We gave the “peasant” figures some personality, drawing a smiley (or a grumpy) face on each of them. The kind and the queen turned out really great and so did the horse figure!

DIY Chess Board Game

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