Obstacle Course Straw Game

This easy to set up obstacle pom poms and straws game will keep the kids (and adults) entertained for quite some time! Great to play solo and even better to play with friends. Plus chances are you already have everything you need to set it up in your home and even if you don’t you can modify the game to work with what you have.

Obstacle Course Straw Game

Let’s make a obstacle course straw game!

You can set this game on the table or on the floor (a large piece of paper will work too!). You’ll need some washi tape or other colored duct tape, drinking straws (if you don’t have them kids can just blow the balls using their mouth only), a few pom poms (or just roll paper into balls). You can also add obstacles such as a building block ramp!

Dollar store usually has a few pretty tapes and pom poms (I really, really like the sparkly ones we have but I’ll be honest they are pretty weird to touch – could be just me though).

All set! Let’s start making the course. Use one color to make the course – the rules we used when we played this game is that the ball can touch the blue tape but if it goes across “you’re out!” and have to return to the check-point (for checkpoints we used the dotted tape).

Setting Up The Straw Game

We wanted to make the last part of the track “tricky” so we added the red obstacles which you can’t touch with the ball – if you do you’re out and have to return to the check point.

The Jump Ramp

The building blocks jump ramp was really the highlight of the track – and it worked like a charm – we did have to use some tape to secure it.

There are many ways you can play this game – taking turns, each player playing the course by themselves and count who finishes it faster or with least moves, having a rule where you can crash into other pom poms and push them out of the track, team play… The sky is the limit!

Pom Poms and Straws Obstacle Course Game

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