Spelling and Counting Game

If your kids already know some numbers and letters (although this can be used to teach the ABC’s too) they will love this spelling and counting game which you can easily make at home or just use the free printables I created especially for this game. These activity will be a great addition to counting / number coloring pages I made last week (or vice versa).

Spelling and Counting Game With Free Printable

Spelling and Counting Game

The set up is pretty easy – you will need a piece of paper or two, dices (one is enough really, but more are more fun) and foam or magnetic letters. As I already mentioned you can just download and print 4 pages – well 8 technically as there’s an upper case only version too – with fonts that match classroom alphabet magnets but can also be easily used with other type of letters. If you don’t have any letters your kids can also color the letters.

If you will be making your own version of this game – by tracing the letters on a piece of paper and your words have more than 6 letters add another dice to the game!

How to play this game:

Put all the letters, the ones that are in the words and quite a few extra ones, on a pile. Have the kids throw the dice and find the letter that corresponds to that number and have them place it on the outlined letter on the paper. If there are two or more of the same letters in a word you can let them place both letters in the outline in one “turn” or have them only place 1 at a time.

This is a fun spelling and counting activity for solo play but can also easily be played in group settings – either as a cooperative game where kids take turns throwing dice in order to complete the words together or as a competitive game where kids take turns until one of them finishes the words first.

Free Printables:

Get: Counting and Spelling Game – Upper Case Only

Get: Counting and Spelling Game

Spelling and Counting Game


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