Coin Toss Easter Game for Kids

This is a fun Easter game from my childhood. Me and my grandfather would play this game over and over again.

I do not know if this is something he came up or picked from someone though but either way but I thought it was really awesome and couldn’t wait to play (for more than one reason).

Coin Toss Easter Game for Kids

We never had plastic Easter eggs, truth be told I don’t even know if you could buy them at our local stores at that time, so we always made more than one batch of colored eggs.

One batch was always for the “show” – they were the ones that were displayed and were usually the ones that turned out the best.

These were not meant for eating as they would be displayed for days (these are also the ones that we used to play this game).

Other batches were made for eating and gifting as they had the freshness element the “show” ones lacked.

How to Play Coin Toss Easter Game

To play this Easter game you’ll need hard boiled, colored Easter eggs – preferably ones that can’t be eaten any more (no need to waste good eggs).

You could also get away with Styrofoam eggs although the game will be a bit harder.

Lots of coins – cents, dollars (Euros or any other currency naturally).
Basket to put the eggs in.

Place a few eggs in the basket (one is enough really) – there still has to be lots of room in the basket.

Decide on the distance from where the game will be played (we usually use some duct tape to mark the standing point).

Taking turns players throw the coins towards the basket – aiming at the egg.

If a player manages to hit the egg so that the coin hits the egg and stays in the egg (not bounces away or misses it) the player gets to take all the coins that are in (and around) the basket.

This Easter game is great for hand eye coordination, vision motor skills and as there’s an awesome reward if you win (which I did a lot – thank’s to my grandfather who was a master of letting me win without me knowing I was let to win).

Easter Game for Kids


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