Make Your Own DIY Stamps

We will be making some DIY stamps from kids drawings! This project was heavily inspired by this carved stamp project but as we don’t have all the tolls necessary (had them, lost them, not a first for me) we did a few modifications.

Kid Drawings to DIY Stamps


Have your kids go crazy with their drawings – make sure they use a wide tip pen though as fine tip would be a pain to carve.

We used a Styrofoam packaging you usually get from food delivery (brings back college time memories) although ours was from a soup vegetable pack.


Once your kids are done drawing it’s your time to shine! If you have a carving tool do use it as it will be a lot quicker! If you don’t have it a crafting knife will do the work. First trace the lines around the drawing and then start cutting. For smaller details – like insides of pigs ears you can just push it down with a pointy object – like a pen!

Make Your Own DIY Stamps



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