DIY Wooden Key Chain

I would be totally lost without my super sized key chain (I still manage to misplace my keys more often than I’d like to admit)! And there lies the beauty of DIY wooden key chain – you can make it as big as you need to!

This is a great craft for kids and adults alike – or a fun joint project!

Fun Wooden Key Chain

What you need;

  • blocks of wood – you can buy them at the store or make them yourself as it is really, really easy. I haven’t used a saw since I was a kid and managed to make a ton of blocks (which we’ll be using in the projects to come too!) in no time!
  • sanding paper to sharpen up the edges
  • white color (or any other color your heart desires)
  • permanent markers
  • something to drill the hole (I used a Dremel rotary tool)

Wherever you got your blocks of wood from the first thing you want to do is sand the edges (you can sand the surface too to make it super smooth but I liked the texture as it was).

Making a Key Chain

Color the surface and let it dry. Once dry drill a hole.

Now that your surface is ready it’s time to get creative and draw a design or two (or ten).

You can also finish this project up by applying gloss varnish to give it a shine.

Wooden Key Chain DIY

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