Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft – Great Idea for Halloween Crafting

Recycle a toliet paper roll or a dozen and make this fun toilet paper roll bat craft, a perfect Halloween project to make at home or with your class. If crafting in the classroom kitchen paper towel rolls are best, or store bought paper craft rolls.

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Toilet paper roll bat craft idea for kids. Fun Halloween craft for kids to make with paper rolls.

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Fall and Halloween mark the time of bats! We love these little nocturnal creatures and have shared quite a few bat art and craft tutorials with you in the past.

We showed you how to draw a bat, how to make a paper strips bat (one of our favorite projects as it can double up as a garland too) and bat corner bookmarks, amongst many cool ideas.

Since toilet paper rolls are one of the most frugal and versatile crafting materials, we just had to add these paper roll bats to our collection of toilet paper roll craft ideas.

Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

What you need:

  • toilet paper roll (or paper kitchen towel roll or craft roll)
  • black paint
  • white paint
  • black cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • black marker
  • thin brush
  • wide brush or sponge brush
  • scissors
  • glue

Step by Step Instructions

Start by painting the paper roll black.

Let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Fold the top downward, on both sides, to get an arched shape (see next picture).

Pinch the tops to secure the shape (you can also add a bit of glue to keep things in place).

Fold the black paper in half and cut a wing shape.

Apply glue in the middle of the wings shape.

Stick the wings on the back of the black toilet paper roll. Pretty neat looking isn’t it?

Draw two big eyes on white paper.

Cut them out.

Stick them on the toilet paper roll bat.

Alternatively you can also use googly eyes or stickers.

Paint mouth with white paint (add two sharp teeth too to make your toilet paper roll craft look fiercer for Halloween).

All done!

Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft Idea for Kids

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