Paper Strips Spider Craft – Halloween Craft Idea

Spiders might be scary but that can’t be said for this paper strips spider craft! This wiggly little spider craft is prefect for a Halloween crafting session – it will make a fun classroom or home decoration as you can string these on a yarn thread and hang them around the room.

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Ok, while we said this one isn’t scary, we also have to admit that those with arachnophobia (I hear you) will still find the movement of the legs of the spider a wee bit creepy. But that’s a cool thing right? Kids will go crazy about them.

We have made a few of these as they not only look great placed on the table, but also hanging form the ceiling if you tie white yarn on their back. So spider like! Want to make a Halloween display? Also make paper strip bats – the two together will look amazing.

Ready to make this one? Let’s start!

Paper Strips Spider Craft for Kids.

How to make Paper Strips Spider Craft

What you need:

  • two sheets of black construction paper (regular print paper is OK too but it won’t hold it’s form as well)
  • wiggle eye stickers or googly eyes
  • scissors / paper trimmer
  • round object to use to make a circle
  • chalk or coloring pencil to draw the circle
  • glue

Optional: white yarn for hanging

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by making a circle – the circle needs to fit into a quarter of the paper sheet (roughly). We used a planter pot and traced around it with a coloring pencil.

Cut out the circle.

Cut 8 paper strips (6 for younger kids for easier gluing). They need to be about a “thumb” wide. We cut ours across the width of the paper sheet.

Fold all of the paper strips on both sides.

Apply glue and stick the strip (arched) on the circle base.

This is how it should look.

Continue with all the remaining paper strips.

Cut 8 paper strips for spider legs.

Fold them in half. Make sure the fold is pretty crisp.

Fold on one side only.

Roll on the other side (gently roll the paper between your fingers) – this is the shape you will get.

Turn over the paper ball. Glue the leg.

We do recommend gluing with glue dots.

Glue on all 8 spider legs.

Stick on eyes.

All done, you have completed your Paper Strips Spider Craft.

Paper Spider Craft for Kids

Spider paper craft for kids for Halloween.

Paper Spider Halloween Craft for Kids

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