Rocking Paper Plate Reindeer

Rocking Paper Plate Reindeer Craft

Time for another simple and fun rocking paper plate reindeer craft! This one proudly joins our collection of Christmas paper plate craft ideas, both rocking and the more regular kind. *this post contains affiliate links* Let’s make a bunch of wobbling paper plate reindeer to help Santa with the delivery of all the Christmas gifts. … Read more

3D Construction Paper Reindeer – Christmas Craft Idea with Template

3D Construction Paper Reindeer Craft

Raise your hand if you love reindeer crafts! We’ve got an extremely fun one for you, let’s make a 3D construction paper reindeer craft together! This one is so fun to make, you’ll want to make all 8 of Santa’s reindeer + Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. *this post contains affiliate links* Can you name … Read more

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft with a Cute Red Nose

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Time to get crafty with the young ones as we have the easiest reindeer paper plate craft idea to share with you today! This one will be done in no time and most preschoolers and kids in kindergarten will manage to make this one on their own. *this post contains affiliate links* We love making … Read more

Paper Roll Rudolph Reindeer Craft

Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

If you need a little fellow to light up the way for Santa this paper roll Rudolph reindeer craft is the thing to make. And while you’ll be making this one why not also make Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. This little guy will make sure all presents are delivered on … Read more

Printable Reindeer Origami Envelope

Pritable Reindeer Origami Envelope

Got a special little note that you want to send? Do it in a original way with this printable reindeer origami envelope. These would also look great as Christmas tags don’t you agree? Printable Reindeer Origami Envelope Isn’t he (or she) just the cutest? Perfect to keep that special note safe or maybe even to deliver … Read more