Easy Halloween Paper Garland

Need a fancy and easy way to decorate your classroom or your home for Halloween? Learn how to make this easy Halloween paper garland! This cool Halloween craft is perfect to do in the classroom as each student can create their own addition to the garland. Nothing beats a group classroom craft activity. It will … Read more

Craft Stick Bat – Recycled Popsicle Stick

Craft Stick Bat

If you are looking for the easiest bat craft that’s also frugal, make this craft stick bat! It can be an entirely recycled Halloween craft and even if not it’s an inexpensive one making it perfect for the classroom. See more Halloween crafts. *this post contains affiliate links* We do love bats! We recently made … Read more

Ghost Art for Kids (potato stamping)

DIY Ghost Art for Kids

You shouldn’t eat a potato once it’s fully sprouted but that doesn’t mean you should throw it away – why not make ghost art for kids with it? Potato stamping is one of the most fun activities to do with kids in kindergarten and preschool. *This post contains affiliate links* We enjoy creating Halloween crafts … Read more

Build a Frankenstein Puppet Template

Build a Frankenstein Puppet Template Craft

Let’s build a Frankenstein puppet together, or to be more precise let’s build a Frankenstein’s monster. This is a fun Halloween craft or a great activity to do with your kids any time of the year when you talk about this legendary monster. Are your kids ready to bring life to this little puppet? Let’s … Read more

Leaf Bats Craft

Leaf Bats Craft

Fall is a great time of the year to take advantage of all the crafting materials nature provides such as leaves. Learn how to make a leaf bats craft, a cool Halloween activity that is suitable for kids of all ages (as well as grown-ups). With a little help, this Halloween activity can be made … Read more