Surprise Big Mouth Vampire Printable

Surprise Big Mouth Vampire Printable for Kids

Vampires sure can be scary, but that certainly can’t be said for our Surprise Big Mouth Vampire printable paper toy! This fun little project is fun to make both at school or in the classroom, and as it’s an easy one, kids as young as preschool can easily make one. Browse more Halloween craft ideas … Read more

Movable Bat Paper Doll

Movable Bat Paper Doll Craft for Kids

We have another movable paper doll ready for you, it’s time to play with our movable bat paper doll! This silly little thing is ready to fly just in time for Halloween. *this post contains affiliate links* We do love our movable paper dolls, they make a great DIY paper toy as kids not only … Read more

Halloween Pop Up Card Template

Halloween Pop Up Card Template for Kids to Make

Wish your friends a Happy Halloween in style with this Spooky Mansion Halloween pop up card template. Print out our template or watch the tutorial and create your very own. *this post contains affiliate links* We love unique and fun Haloween cards, and this pop up card certainly is one. There are quite a few … Read more

Movable Spider Craft

Cute Movable Spider Craft for Kids

Itsy bitsy spider, climbing up and down! Your kids will be thrilled once they make and play with this movable spider craft. It’s such an easy “mechanism” that makes this one “go”, your kids will be soon making all kinds of different moving creations. *this post contains affiliate links* This little spider craft will be … Read more

Vampire Corner Bookmark – Fun Looking DIY Halloween Bookmark

Vampire Corner Bookmark for Kids

If you want a DIY corner bookmark that is ready to take a bite into your book, this Vampire corner bookmark is certainly one to make. These Halloween corner bookmarks will be a wonderful activity on your Halloween party and they also make a great party favor. *this post contains affiliate links* We love coming … Read more