Movable Bat Paper Doll

We have another movable paper doll ready for you, it’s time to play with our movable bat paper doll!

This silly little thing is ready to fly just in time for Halloween.

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We do love our movable paper dolls, they make a great DIY paper toy as kids not only assemble them and give them their personal touch with coloring them, they also can play with them. Pretty cool eh?

This one will make a wonderful companion to our movable owl paper doll and we are sure this duo will put on quite a show for Halloween.

If you need simpler, yet insanely fun puppets, do check out our printable Halloween puppets – your kids will have a blast with them.

This movable doll is perfect to make for school plays, or to make during a Halloween crafting session either at home or in the classroom.

So let’s make this one!

Movable Bat Paper Doll Craft for KidsHow to Make a Movable Bat Paper Doll

What you need:

  • our printable movable bat paper doll template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • heavier print paper
  • brads
  • markers or other coloring supplies

Optional: laminator, to make this crafting project last you a little bit longer.

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template (you’ll find it at the end of this step by step tutorial).

You will need heavier print paper for this craft project, or regular one and will need to laminate it.

Once the template is printed, color it in with your favorite coloring supplies.

All colored in? Wonderful! Now cut out all the pieces of the template. Nice and easy.

Punch through the holes (adult help needed for younger kids). We punched ours with the help of a skewer.

Optional, but handy, glue the craft stick on the back of the puppet.

Reinforce with some duct tape.

Stick on two little bat legs.

Push the brads through the holes on the bat body.

Flip on the other side, and place a wing (through the inner hole) on the brad. Spread the brad.

String thread through the “outside” holes of both wings.

Tie together, leave a nice length on one end.

All done, your paper doll is complete.

Watch the Video Tutorial


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