Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card

Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card Idea

We’ve got another homemade fathers day card idea ready for you and this one is a funny one too! Make a Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card together with your kids. A fun 3D card that you can either make by using our handy template or by tracing a child’s hand (this making it even more personal). Browse … Read more

How to Make a DIY Father’s Day Magic Card (Template Included)

This Father’s day magic card is the coolest thing ever! You might have seen the I <3 dad one before, but we’ve come up with a pretty unique one that will tell the dad in your house that they are a hero. Who doesn’t like to hear that? *this post contains affiliate links* These magic … Read more

Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft

Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft for Kids

Still need a Father’s day craft idea? We made the cutest little paper kitchen towel or toilet paper roll tuxedo craft ever. *this post contains affiliate links* Surprise the dad of the house with a craft made just for them (cool uncles, grandpas or other family members and friends fit the bill too). Toilet paper … Read more

Bow-Tie Shirt Father’s Day Card Idea

Fun Father's Day Card Craft for Kids

We have a Father’s Day card idea that is cute as a button! Really! Every good father deserves some recognition here and there and this card will go a long way for sure. *this post contains affiliate links* With Father’s day approaching we though we would share a few more ideas for Father’s day cards … Read more

DIY Paper Award Ribbon – Father’s Day Craft Idea

Award Ribbon Father's Day Craft

So you have the world’s best dad in you home and he deserves some recognition? Why not have the kids make this award ribbon craft that’s just perfect for Father’s day. We think this is such a cute Father’s day craft idea but naturally this award ribbon diy will make anyone’s day just a little … Read more