Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft

Still need a Father’s day craft idea? We made the cutest little paper kitchen towel or toilet paper roll tuxedo craft ever.Cute Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft for Kids to Make. Great Father's day Craft for Kids too!

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Surprise the dad of the house with a craft made just for them (cool uncles, grandpas or other family members and friends fit the bill too).

Toilet paper roll crafts are fun for the kids and are on the super frugal side! Don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about toilet paper rolls? You can just as easily use paper rolls from paper kitchen towels, grab a craft rolls in the craft stores or even make your own paper rolls (we do suggest heavier paper for that, at the very least construction paper).

You can use paper to “color” the rolls or you can go with paint, the choice is yours, the results will be wonderful no matter what you decide.

Cute Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft Idea for Kids

Let’s Make a Toilet Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft

What you need

  • paper roll (toilet paper roll or other)
  • white paper or white paint
  • black paper or black paint
  • small buttons
  • butterfly pasta
  • red paint (or a good marker)
  • glue dots (or another decent glue)

If working with paper you will also need paper glue and scissors (pencil is optional).

We used paper in our how to tutorial.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions

Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft Idea for Kids

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

We’ll start by cutting a strip of white paper.

The strip needs to be as wide as a paper roll. You can help yourself by rolling the paper roll on the paper and drawing a line along the way with pencil.


Also cut a black sheet of paper. You can place the white one on top of it and just use it as a template.

Cut out a triangle out of the black sheet of paper (somewhere in the middle but there is no need for precision).

Apply glue on the white paper and wrap it around the toilet paper roll. Let the glue to set.

Apply the glue on the black sheet of paper.

Wrap it around paper roll and let the glue dry.

Color 1 butterfly pasta red (or any other color that you want your bowtie to be).

Glue it in the white triangle with a glue dot.

Glue a few buttons (again with glue dots as those work the best) and you are done.

How cool is you Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft?

Paper Roll Tuxedo Craft for Kids

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