Handprint Chick Craft

Movable Paper Chick Craft

You can use all kinds of things for stencils when it comes to crafting, hands being one of the more fun ones you can use. In this tutorial we will be showing you how to use your hands to make a hand print chick craft with movable wings. This is a fun Easter craft idea … Read more

DIY Carrot Corner Bookmark – Origami Bookmarks

Easy Carrot Corner Bookmark

It’s time for another corner bookmark tutorial, this time, with Easter close by, we are sharing a tutorial on how to make a carrot corner bookmark. Corner bookmarks are one of the easiest origami projects so they are great for younger kids as well as origami beginners.  *this post contains affiliate links* If you want … Read more

Doily Bunny Craft

Doily Bunny Craft for Kids

Simple is the best when it comes to crafts and this Easter Doily Bunny craft is just that. This little guy makes a nice addition to the doily sheep craft, both are easy crafts that can be done with preschoolers and kids in kindergarten. *this post contains affiliate links* When it comes to Easter crafts … Read more

Movable Bunny Paper Toy

Movable Ears Bunny Craft for Kids

We’ve go another amazing Easter project ready for you – let’s make a movable bunny paper toy. When you pull the paper strip “strings” this little fellow will start moving his ears. How fun is that? *this post contains affiliate links* We love it when crafts have that extra wow factor and that is certainly … Read more

How to Draw a Baby Chick – Step by Step Drawing Guide

Baby Chick Directed Drawing Guide

 Let’s learn how to draw a baby chick with this easy to follow step by step drawing guide. This tutorial will show you how to draw a cartoon chick and is sutable for beginners and kids, you’ll be drawing a chick in no time. *this post contains affiliate links* Chicks are really popular in spring. … Read more