Peek a Boo Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft

DIY Paper Bunny in Carrot Easter Craft

We’ve got an easy craft you can make with your kids for Easter. Bunny in Carrot Paper Craft is perfect for kindergartners and older kids. We’re sure it will bring a bunch of smiles to their faces. *This post contains affiliate links* When Easter is approaching, we are so happy. We really love making Easter … Read more

DIY Carrot Corner Bookmark – Origami Bookmarks

Easy Carrot Corner Bookmark

It’s time for another corner bookmark tutorial, this time, with Easter close by, we are sharing a tutorial on how to make a carrot corner bookmark. Corner bookmarks are one of the easiest origami projects so they are great for younger kids as well as origami beginners.  *this post contains affiliate links* If you want … Read more

Carrot Treat Pouch Easter Felt Pattern

Carrot Treat Pouch

We’ve got a wonderful project for all the felt lovers out there – grab out carrot treat pouch Easter felt pattern and make the most adorable Easter treat holder ever. These are incredibly easy to sew together, and with just a few basic stitches they make a great project even for kids to make. This … Read more

Paper Carrot Craft

Cute Paper Carrot Craft

Bunnies and chick sure are cute but how about making a quirky looking carrot garland? We are showing you how to make a simple paper carrot craft that can easily be used as a fun decoration. As this project requires lots of cutting it is a great fine motor exercise! *this post contains affiliate links* … Read more

Yarn Wrapped Carrot Craft for Kids

Yarn Wrapped Carrots Craft

Why not make a cute little garland with a bunch of these adorable carrots! We are showing you how to make a yarn wrapped carrot craft for kids and kids at heart. This one can be a great decoration, just imagine this as a classroom craft where each of the students makes their own and then they … Read more