Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable

Are you excited to make something fun with the kids today? This Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable is not only adorable, but everyone enjoys making them! Surprise the people in your life with this DIY craft.

Big mouth crafts are great for playtime because they keep everyone occupied, but it’s an activity that helps with their fine motor skills.

Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable for Kids

If you have been stuck doing the same crafts over and over again, it’s time to switch things up. This is actually a very fun-filled craft because it’s not complicated, but the end result makes kids so happy! When you see a giant crocodile opening his mouth, it makes you smile and giggle a little.

Another part of this Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable that gets everyone excited is the potential to be creative. Whoever is making this craft is able to use whatever colors they want! You can make your crocodile bright like sunshine.

Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile

How to Make Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable

What you need

Step by Step Instructions

This is a favorite craft because kids don’t really have to do a lot to complete it. If your child is having a rough day or you just want to keep it simple for the day, this craft is just right. As you can see, it’s not only adorable but can be educational when paired with the right book or educational video.

Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable Template

You will need to print out the template. Printing this out will help this activity go so smoothly! You may want to print out one or two extra copies, just in case.

Lay the coloring template out flat, so that your child or student can color as they wish. If it’s crinkled or not straight, it can be hard to color.

This is where you allow your child to go to town with coloring! They get to have fun choosing which colors to color the crocodile, duck, and the surrounding setting. You can talk to your child about the proper colors or you can let them pick which colors they’d like to use.

You are then going to fold the paper back along the top of the mouth of the alligator. Once this is folded back, you can move onto the next step.

You will then bring that fold forward and line it up with the bottom part of the mouth. This is to give the illusion that the alligator has a HUGE mouth and can swallow very large things. Let your child have fun figuring out how the mouth works.

There is no doubt that your children or students will enjoy the final result of this fun craft. Get creative and do add ones if you’d like. Add a little glitter or paint with water color paint. The options are endless!

Surprise Big Mouth Crocodile Printable

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