Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable Template

Print out our fun Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable, have your kids color it in and in just a few simple steps make their own paper toy. This craft idea is great for all ages, easy enough for preschoolers to handle and fun enough for older kids too!

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Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable Fun Paper Craft for Kids

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Lions are known as the kings of the jungle, and judging by their awesome looks, the title is well earned. The mane male lions have is worth the praise – if you really want to spotlight it and you can gather some leaves you can make a pretty epic leaf lion craft.

This s surprised lion template is a quick, no prep activity you can do with your kids either in the classroom or at home.

Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable

Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable Craft

You can use it as a craft project, or as an art idea – where kids need to draw their own lion. Even if you use our template, you can extend it into an art and craft project, with kids having to design their own background. Let them draw jungle elements – or any other setting they see fit for a lion.

Ready to make one of your own? Let’s start!

How to Make a Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable Paper Toy


What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of step by step tutorial)
  • coloring supplies – markers, pens, crayons or paints
  • paper – heavier print paper is optimal

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out one of our lion templates. Both are great for home use, the smaller one is perfect for classroom use as one sheet of paper makes two craft projects (keeping it frugal).

If your kids will be coloring with markers or paints, heavier print paper is a must. On the other hand, if they will be using crayons or coloring pens, using regular print paper is perfectly fine. Heavier print paper is also more durable but might make the folding a bit trickier for younger kids.

Once you have prepared the template, have the kids color the lion. They can leave the background blank or they can design a background fitting for a lion – Savannah or jungle for example.

Feeling super silly? You can even draw something inside the lion’s mouth.

When your kids are happy with how they colored their surprise big mouth lion it’s time to start folding.

Fold along the straight upper lip line – fold across the whole width of your paper. Make the folds neat and crisp.

Next fold might feel a bit tricky, but it’s really easy peasy. Grab fold of the edges on the first fold and bring the fold down to the bottom lip line – align it and press the paper down. This will create a fold inside the mouth.

All done! You’ve made your  Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable Paper Toy!

Big Mouth Lion Printable

It’s time to play.

Get the Surprise Big Mouth Lion Printable Template

Get the template here: Fun Big Mouth Lion Printable

Happy crafting!

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