Surprise Big Mouth Cow Printable

Talking about farm animals and need a cool activity to make with your kids? Print our Surprise Big Mouth Cow Printable and make the coolest little paper project ever!

Want something cute to go along with this one? Do check our farm animal finger puppets.

Big Mouth Cow Printable Template Craft for Kids

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Cows are one of the cutest animals to roam the earth? Don’t believe me? Just glaze into their eyes!

We do love all sharing all kinds of animal crafts with you and since we noticed our cow section is lacking (we do have a cow corner bookmark tutorial on the website and a nice tutorial showing you how to draw a cow, amongst the few more) so this surprise big mouth cow printable is the perfect addition to our cow collection.

Big Mouth Cow Printable

Big Mouth Cow Printable Template

This simple craft doubles up as a coloring page for kids too, so if you have a cow lower at home it will be a hit either as a craft or at the very least as a coloring page.

Ready to make your mouth opening cow? Print our template and let’s get crafty!

How to Make a Surprise Big Mouth Cow Printable


What you need:

  • our printable template (you will find it at the very end of this tutorial)
  • coloring supplies (we love markers best as they really make this craft)
  • paper (heavier print paper such as cardstock or construction paper is best as it will make it more durable, regular print paper works too)

Step by Step Instructions

Start by printing out our template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial). We prepared it in two sizes for you – one with the 1 cow across the whole sheet of paper and one with two cows per sheet. Bot are equally fun to make.

Heavier print paper is always best when making paper crafts of any kind, and we do recommend it here too. Regular print paper will work out nice too though.

Once you’ve printed the template it’s time to color it in. Any coloring medium works – we do like to use the markers the most as the colors really do pop out, but crayons or pencils work well too.

You can even design the background – draw grass or a farm setting (or whatever you wish). There really are no limits when it comes to designing the background – you can even send your cow into space ;).

Happy with how your colored design looks like? Move onto folding! Fold along the upper lip line – fold across the whole width of paper.

Make sure the fold is really crisp – either run your fingers across the fold or use a craft stick or similar to make crisp fold.

You are just one fold away from completing your craft! Bring the top fold to meet the bottom lip line – press it down to form the fold inside the mouth.

All done! Now you can open and close your cows mouth – such a fun one isn’t it?

Get the Surprise Big Mouth Cow Printable

Grab the printable here: Big Mouth Cow Printable

Happy crafting!

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