St. Patrick’s Day Puffed Wheat Krispie Treats

This delicious and easy to make puffed wheat krispie treat is just the thing for St. Patrick’s day!

This sweet and slightly gooey snack will give your kids an energy boost (they might not actually need haha) and will have them coming for seconds.

St Particks Day Puffed Whear Krispie Treats
I’ve seen a whole lot jummy looking rice krispie treat recipes floating around (like these heart shaped rice krisipes) and decided to give it a try but as I’m not exactly a fan of rice krispies I decided to try a puffed wheat variation… And it’s awesome!

How to make St. Patrick’s Day Puffed Wheat Krispie Treats

– butter (a few tablespoons to help the marshmallows melt)

– 3 cups marshmallows (I used large ones, so you can add more if you have mini ones)
– 3 to 4 cups puffed wheat (I used honey glazed as honey is awesome and they actually didn’t come out too sweet)
– colorful candy for the rainbow (M&M’s, Smarties or any store brand)
– green food coloring (preferably natural, but let’s face it those candies on top have artificial ones)

In a large pot melt the butter on low hear. When the butter is melted add add marshmallows and stir often until they melt. When they are melted add food coloring. Put aside and start adding puffed wheat, constantly stiring so that it spreads evenly (it might look a bit funky, stretchy – read spider weeby – but that’s OK). Put into a greased (butter) baking pan (or any larger pan) and press down with buttered spatula until it’s even. If for one reason or another you don’t have a spatula 🙂 you can cover the gooey blob of goodness with parchment paper and press it down with hands (some of the puffed wheat will stick to it though). “Sprinkle” with candy and press it down slightly.

Let is cool so that it becomes less sticky and enjoy!

P.S.: I really expected this to be super, super sweet but it turned out to be quite balanced and tasty.


Puffed What Krispie Treats

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