St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow Art

We have the most adorable little St. Patrick’s Day handprint rainbow art idea to share with you today – this is a lovely little art idea for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten to make and will make the most adorable little keepsake.

Not celebrating the St. Patrick’s day? Worry not this cute idea can be made as a plain rainbow too – just make the bottom part of the hand a cloud too!

St. Patrick's Day Handprint Rainbow Art Idea for Kids #Handprintart #Rainbowart #artforkids*this post contains affiliate links*

We are crazy about rainbows, both the real ones in nature and the kid made ones.

This adorable little toddler or preschool art idea is perfect both for spring and for St. Patrick’s day.

St. Patrick's Day Handprint Rainbow Art for KidsSt. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow Art

What you need:

  • paints in all the colors of the rainbow plus black – craft paints for older kids, fingerpaints or similar for younger kids
  • paintbrush
  • canvas or paper
  • golden foam sheet
  • white foam sheet
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hand ready to get messy

Step by Step Tutorial

Prepare your paints on a paint palette or a paper plate (paper plates are a frugal classroom solution for a quick project).

Encourage older kids to paint their fingers in the colors of the rainbow (missing a few naturally). Paint the palm black.

If you are making this project with younger kids as a handprint keepsake, you will have to paint the child’s fingers and hand.

The paint should be put on thick.

Have the kids (or you) press their hand’s on the corner of the canvas. The hand needs to be lifted up in one quick motion, to avoid colors smudging. Nothing wrong if it happens though. Let the paint dry.

When the rainbow handprint dries, let the kids draw a rainbow soaring out of their fingers.

Another version

You can add some finger painting too, have the kids draw the grass under the handprint with their fingers before they make the handprint.

As with the previous version, paint the hands black and the fingers in the color of the rainbow.

Decorating the Pot ‘o’gold

Cut small circles from gold glitter foam and glue onto the black “pot of gold.”

Cut a cloud shape from white foam and glue on top of the end of the rainbow. Trim off excess foam.

St. Patrick's Day Handprint Rainbow Canvas Art


Contributed by Jacquelyn W.

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