Easter Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

Do your kids prefer cute bunnies, colorful eggs, Easter baskets, lambs, or beautiful spring flowers when it comes to Easter? You’ll find all of these motives in our collection of printable Easter Coloring Pages.

Printable Easter Coloring Pages

We just know there’s an Easter coloring page for everyone in this collection. Your kids can have lots of fun coloring any sheet from the set with their favorite colors.

Need even more? There are hundreds of unique printable coloring pages in our collection.

Printable Easter Coloring Pages

With Easter right around the corner, what better way to get your little ones excited than with a fun and festive set of 30 Easter Coloring pages? We got you covered!

Also if you want your kids to draw their own Easter coloring pages, show them this how to draw a bunny tutorial or this how to draw a chick tutorial.

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Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

We prepared a set of 10 Free Printable Easter Coloring Sheets for you. These adorable pages are a great activity for children of all ages. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher looking for a creative way to keep your kids entertained, this set will definitely do the trick.

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So, there is no time to waste. Download and print out your collection of Easter Coloring Pages today, and let your kid’s creativity run wild!

Happy Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter Bunnies

Keep the little hands busy with their coloring, using a range colors to bring these Easter bunnies to life. Coloring is fun and relaxing! It helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Sleeping Bunny

Sleeping Bunny

Did this little Easter bunny get stuck, or is he just sleeping in the basket? As your kids color, they can use their imagination and their favorite crayons to bring the bunny out of its sleep.

Bunny in an Easter Egg

Bunny in an Easter Egg

Wow, what do we have here? A bunny peeking out of an Easter eggshell. Hurry up, grab your markers, and color the page however you like!

Smiling Chick Coloring Page

Smiling Chick

This baby chick just broke the shell of the Easter egg and is so happy about it! Color the Easter chick with shades of yellow, orange, and brown to color in its feathers and beak. Create some contrast and color the egg with vivid colors to make it pop out.

Easter Bunny

Cute Easter Bunny

Get your kids into the holiday spirit by coloring our Easter bunny coloring sheet. It’s super fun and perfect for kids of all ages, as it includes wide areas for coloring.

Peeking Rabbit

Curious Bunny Coloring Page

Grab your art supplies, have fun with a curious Easter bunny page, and explore the wonderful world of coloring! The zig-zag design of its ears is perfect for practicing color combinations. You can make the rabbit pop out by coloring the background with vivid colors.

Dancing Chicks

Easter Chicks Dancing

See how these baby chicks dance? Print out two silly Easter chicks wearing an egg and a half of the egg shell on their heads. You can use any coloring supplies of your choice and color the background too!

Easter Egg Basket

Easter Egg Basket Coloring Sheet

This charming Easter egg basket image captures the essence of the holiday. A basket with a bow, full of Easter eggs with butterflies flying around it. Have your kids use their vibrant colors and playful spirit to color the whole page.

Easter Egg and Spring Flowers

Easter Egg Coloring Page

Color in this delightful Easter scene, and dive into the world of imagination and creativity. Choose whichever colors you want to make the Easter egg pop out of the surrounding flowers.

Happy Easter Coloring Page

Happy Easter Coloring Sheet

Happy Easter, everyone! Have fun coloring this easy “Happy Easter” caption and practice fine-motor skills. Each letter has a different design, so you bet it will look awesome after you give them some color!

Member Easter Coloring Pages

While your kids work on their new set of 30 Easter Coloring Pages, take the opportunity to talk to them about Easter – it’s a great way to teach the young ones about the holiday while having fun at the same time.

The collection of 30 Easter Coloring Pages is exclusively for our members.

Check the previews of the rest of the coloring pages that are in this set, and join us in coloring!

Bunny Coloring Page

Cute Bunny

Here is an easy bunny coloring page kids of all ages will love. It consists of large areas that are really effortless to color. Grab your coloring supplies and bring this lovely bunny to life.

Easter Eggs Coloring Sheet

Easter Eggs

Keep the little hands busy and entertained with five different Easter eggs that need coloring. With these eggs’ other motives, kids will work on their fine motor skills while having fun!

Best Easter Friends

Easter Bunny and Chick Coloring Page

Aren’t these two Easter friends adorable? We’re sure the bunny and the chick will make you smile! Their bodies have a very similar shape as an Easter egg, and they’re holding “hands”! Color in the broad areas with markers, crayons, or other coloring supplies, and enjoy!

Easter Coloring Sheet

Easter Theme Coloring Sheet

Celebrating Easter? Get into the festive spirit with this easy-to-color Easter coloring page. We’re sure kids will love how it will turn out!

Bunny on a Pile of Easter Eggs

Happy Easter Bunny

Our tiny bunny friend was on an Easter egg hunt and found seven eggs hidden in the grass. Have your kids color the rabbit holding a carrot and all the eggs with their favorite colors!

Easter Lamb

Easter Sheep Coloring Page

This Easter lamb coloring page will bring smiles to your kids’ faces! Color the lamb with shades of brown and the background with some vivid colors to make the animal pop out.

Easter Egg

Easter Egg Coloring Sheet

Enjoy coloring this enormous Easter egg coloring page that is just waiting for your child’s creative touch. They can use any colors they wish to color in the vast blank areas of the Easter egg motive.

Happy Chick


Look who just hatched! A tiny baby chick waiting to be colored! Grab your best coloring supplies and color the whole page. Kids can even draw some of their motives on the egg’s shell to make it unique!

Easter Eggs Decoration

Easter Eggs Decor Coloring Page

What a beautiful decoration with Easter eggs! After your kids color the five eggs, you can place their artwork onto a wall or have them gift it to someone they like.

Bunny in a Wreath of Spring Flowers

Easter Rabbit

A shy Easter bunny feels great, safely hidden in a wreath of spring flowers. Hop in and color the whole page!

Cute Happy Easter Basket

Happy Easter Coloring Page

Our little bunny in the basket has a fluffy tail and long ears. It is surrounded by a bunch of Easter eggs and baby chicks. You can use your favorite coloring supplies to bring this delightful Easter image to life.

Bunny and Easter Egg

Bunny Holding an Easter Egg

Someone is pleased to have their Easter egg all for themself. Are you ready to give this bunny and the holiday egg some colors? We sure are! Hop in!

Happy Easter Coloring Sheet

Happy Easter Coloring Page

Spend some fun time coloring the “Happy Easter” coloring page with your favorite markers! The caption will look great after you color the leaf-frame and give some vivid colors to the backgound.

Easter Egg Basket

Full Easter Basket Coloring Page

Color another fun and festive Easter basket full of colorful eggs and keep your children busy for a while. This coloring page will look fabulous when it’s finished!

Grumpy Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Coloring Sheet

Have you ever seen a grumpy bunny? We think this fellow is still looking for the Easter eggs and is eager to find them. Help the bunny see the eggs better by coloring them in vivid colors.

Rabbit and Easter Egg

Easter Bunny Holding an Egg

This cuddly Easter bunny is holding an egg in its paws – make the whole page as colorful as you like using your best coloring supplies.

Easter Themed Coloring Page

Easter Coloring Sheet

The coloring page includes a lovely spring scene, so grab your markers or other coloring supplies and color it whole. Have kids experiment with different colors to make the holidays even more fun!

Happy Easter Hatching Chick

Happy Easter Chick Coloring Page

Ready to color another baby chick that just hatched? Our feathery friend is excited to get bright colors onto its body and wings! Don’t forget to color the Easter egg too!

Easy Easter Egg

Easter Egg Coloring Sheet

Let’s color some more! Here is a perfect image to get into the Easter spirit – an Easter egg with a wide area for coloring! It will be perfect for the youngest kids!

Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny Coloring Page

Coloring is a fun and engaging activity, so grab all kids of coloring supplies and color in this adorable tiny Easter bunny. Kids can use shades of pink and blue to color the bunny’s fur and other colors to fill in the egg’s intricate design.

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