Printable Time Telling Game

Telling time can be tough but fear not this free printable time telling game is here to help your kids master the clock!

Time Telling Game

Printable Time Telling Game

A few simple “instructions” are in order – or let’s just call them tips on how you could play this game!

First print the printable clock and (cut) hands and laminate them. Cut the laminated hands and secure them onto the clock one on top of the other. I punched  a hole through both hands and clock and used buttons (one on top and one ultra flat one under the clock) and fishing line (which I use for jewellery making not fishing ha!) to secure the hands. You have to make sure the holes punched are big enough so that the hands move freely (it the holes will be too small the hands will get stuck a bit).


To play this game you will need 3 dices (can also use 4), preferably in two different colors. You could also use less dices and have the kids throw them multiple times. We used two red ones for hours and a white one for minutes (each number meaning 10 minutes). As kids throw dices they have to push the hands of the watch to match the hour and minutes on dices.

Like we threw 3 (red dices) and 4 – that translates to 3:40!

Now if you want to give this game a goal you can write down a few different times kids must “score”

Easy method: Kids must hit a time between 03:30 to 4:00

Hard method: Exact times – like 10:20

Click here to get your Printable Clock (and dials)

Printable Time Telling Game


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