Printable Summer Quiet Book

While summer should mostly be reserved for play, brushing up on important preschool and kindergarten skills is also great! Grab this printable summer quiet book and have your kid practice a wide range of basic skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Printable Summer Activity Book for Kids

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There are quite a few fun filled activities in this summer activity book, print them all or pick the ones that are the most beneficial for your kids. Laminate the sheets or use page protectors and laminate the parts and attach velcro on them (you can use them without velcro too).

What do you need to make this bug activity book

Printable Bugs Quiet Book Walk-trough the Activity Pages

Sun Clock – Telling Time Activity

This one requires a split pin to assemble (office supply stores carry them). Change the values on the analog clock and move the clock hands on the sun to match the time.

Your kids will be able to practice telling time to the 5 minutes.

Alphabet sundae

Match the ice creams and ice cream cones by matching lower case and upper case letters. Practice the alphabet order while you are at it.

Number sense turtles

Practice number sense from 1 to 10 (or make it 1 to 5) by making turtles. Place the number in circle on top of the circle and build the shell with parts that represent the same number.

Number word, ten frame, tally mark and a dice will make the shell.

Puffer Fish Size Ordering

So many puffer fish in many different sizes. 

Color Words Flip Flops

Can your kids / students read all the color words? Have them match the flip flops with the color names.

CVC Words Popsicles

Reading can be tough. CVC words are great for early readers. This activity has 4 CVC words that kids need to build. The cute animals are here to help. Find the word fox with the fox holding a popsicle, a cat with the cat, a pig with the pig and a rat, well with a rat.

Watermelon Seed Count

Count the watermelon seeds and match them with numbers. A fun way to practice counting from 1 to 10.

Shape Beach

Match the shapes to complete the beach. A circle, a triangle, an oval, a trapezoid, a rectangle and a star.

8 fun filled activities to explore! You can naturally mix and match this printable summer quiet book with our other quiet books to get an even better learning aid.Printable Summer Quiet Book

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