Printable Easter Quiet Book – Activity Book for Pre-K and K

Count with the bunnies and play with the chicks with our fun interactive printable Easter quiet book.

This activity book is geared at kids in preschool and kindergarten but some of the activities will also be enjoyed by both older and younger kids.

Printable Easter Quiet Book. Fun Easter Activity for Kids in PreK and K.

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Print all of the activities and bind them into a fun learning book just like we did (perfect for revision) or print them page by page to work on specific skills.

The pages can either be laminated or you can use page protectors as an easier alternative (you would still have to laminate the smaller pieces though).

What do you need to make this bug activity book


Print all of the pages you are going to use. Laminate them or use page protectors.

Printable Easter Quiet Book Walk-trough the Activity Pages

Bunny Tail Color Match

Match the fluffy bunny tails to the bunny bodies. You can even upgrade this one to make it sensory by attaching felt to the tails or pom poms.

Easter Chick Shape Matching

This chick sure are funky looking but boy are they great for identifying shapes. Have the kids match the chick bodies to the shape outlines.

Bunny Emotions

Can you match the bunny heads to the emotions? 9 fun bunnies to match up. Which one do you like the most?

Carrot Patch Counting from 1 to 10

Match the number of the carrots with the number written on the Easter egg.

For a number 3, plant 3 carrots on the carrot patch.

For a number 10, plant 10 carrots. 

Easter Bunny Number Sense

Cut the carrots into 3 parts for older kids or leave them as a whole carrot for younger kids. Match the different ways of showing the numbers from 1 to 6.

Sheep addition within 10

Solve simple addition equations.

Easter Egg Pattern Match

Look at the patterns and match the egg halves.

Build a Bunny (movable ears!!!)

With different sets of eyes and mouth (and even a pair of glasses) you can make many different expressions for this bunny.

Just look at the little guy.

Printable Easter Quiet Book for Kids

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