Printable Bugs Quiet Book – Activity Book for Pre-K and K

It’s time to learn and these cool bugs are here to help. Print out our printable bugs quiet book, a perfect companion to our spring quiet book and let the learning begin.

Printable Bugs Activity Book

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You can print all of the activities and bind them into a fun learning book like we did (perfect for revision) or you can use the activities individually. The pages can either be laminated or you can use page protectors as an easier alternative (you would still have to laminate the smaller pieces though).

What do you need to make this bug activity book

Print all of the pages you are going to use. Laminate and do some Velcro magic (we have simple assembly instructions printed on most of the sheets). 

Printable Bugs Quiet Book Walk-trough the Activity Pages

Ladybug shapes

Six basic shapes that need to be matched. Each of the ladybugs (utterly adorable ladybugs) holds a shape outline in their hands, match them.

Spider-Web Clock

One of our favorite activities in this book – master telling time to the 5 minutes. The clock hands on this one move!

Place the number tiles on the bottom digital clock and put the clock hands into the right position.

Fun right? You can adjust the difficulty by removing certain tiles – have the kids only practice telling time by the hour or half hour for example.

Flower Color Matching

Match the colors.

Snails Number Sense up to 10

Match the snail houses to the correct snail, look at the number in a ten frame and place the correct snail house on top of it. We also have a ladybug number sense activity page in the pack.

Telling time with caterpillars

Match the analog hours with the digital ones.

Bug Match

Pair up the bug halves.

Lower case and upper case letters

Match the letters.

Complete the beetle pattern

What comes next? Look at the colors of the bettles and complete the pattern.

Butterfly halves

Look at the patterns and colors of the butterfly wings and match them up.

Shape Matching

Look at the shapes of the bugs and sort them accordingly.

What Rhymes With

Pair the bugs and figure out the opposites

So many fun activities to explore and learn with.

Bugs Activity Book Get the printable Bug Quiet Book

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