Printable Fall Quiet Book – Activity Book for Pre-K and K

Your preschooler or kindergartener will master all the basic skills with this fun interactive printable fall quiet book!

This printable fall activity book is perfect to use in the classroom or at your home, just laminate it and use it over and over again!

Printable Fall Quiet Book

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Learning through play or fun printable interactive learning activities is the best! This Printable Fall Quiet Book focuses on many of the essential basic skills that are expected for preschoolers and kindergarteners – from ABC’s to basic telling time.

Laminate all sheets, put them in a binder and give to the kids to explore.


What you need to assemble our printable fall quiet book

  • our printable fall quiet book
  • laminator and laminating pouches (for page inserts you can also use protective sheets)
  • printer and paper (heavier print paper is recommended)
  • scissors
  • velcro dots
  • glue

Print the pages you are going to use. Laminate (for smaller pieces we recommend adding a dab of glue on the back before laminating, to keep them in place during lamination. Add velcro dots where needed (you can also use this without velcro dots).

Printable Fall Quiet Book Walk-trough the Activity Pages

Telling Time

Teach the kids telling time to the hour with them having to match the analog clocks to the digital ones. Fun owls are here to make the experience more fun!

Counting Numbers from 1 to 10

Count the number of dots on each of the mushrooms and match them to the correct number.

Color Sorting Owls

Match the owls to the color – two versions available – one with colors written with words for older kids and one with color background so colors can be matched to colors.

Shape Matching Tree

Match the leaves to the shapes on the trees.

Alphabet Match

Match the uppercase letters on the apples with the lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Emotions Scarecrow

Build a scarecrow face – make it fun by just mix and matching random eyes and mouths or learn about emotions.

Number Order

Put the numbers in order and reveal a fall themed picture.

Printable Fall Quiet Book for Kids

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