Princess Paper Craft

When most people think of princesses, they think of fairytale characters like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Spend time creating this Princess Paper Craft with your kids! They’ll love all the colors, the curly hair, and of course, the sparkly rhinestones.

Princess Paper Craft

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DIY Princess Paper Craft

This princess paper craft is perfect for any child who loves fairytales and wants to create a storybook character. 

DIY Printable Paper Princess

The craft is simple enough that kids can do it independently, with a bit of help from parents, of course.

How to Make the Princess Paper Craft

What your need:

  • template
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • black and pink marker
  • two rhinestones
  • color papers (purple, two shades of pink, yellow, and body-colored)
  • eyeshadow

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Cut out the template. Start tracing the body template onto the body-colored paper.

Step 1

The Dress

You are going to use pink paper to trace her dress.

Step 2

Trace the upper part of the dress.

Step 3

Glue the top of the dress to the body.

Step 4

Glue the sleeves and the bottom part of the dress to the body.

Step 5

The Face

Draw eyes and nose with a black marker and the mouth with the pink marker.

Step 6

Add blush with eyeshadow using a q-tip.

Step 7

The Hair

Cut thin strips of yellow paper.

Step 8

Use scissors to pull each strip along, so it curls up.

Step 9

Complete this process until you have a bunch of curled strips.

Step 10

The 3D Dress Effect

Cut strips of pale pink paper.

Step 11

Fold in half to the length of the dress.

Step 12

Cut off the excess.

Step 13

Glue to the dress.

Step 14

The princess dress should look like in the picture below.

Step 15

The Belt

Cut a strip of darker pink paper to make a belt.

Step 16

Glue the belt onto the princess.

Step 17

The Legs

Start cutting a strip from the body-colored paper.

Step 18

Cut in half to get two strips.

Step 19

You are going to glue these strips for the legs of the princess.

Step 20

Take the entire princess and glue her to a purple piece of paper.

Step 21

Gluing the Hair

Start gluing the curly blonde hair to the princess.

Step 23

Keep adding the curly hair to the princess.

Step 24

Do it on both sides, so her hairdo looks pretty.

Step 25

The Bow

For a final touch to the princess, cut a thin strip of pink paper.

Step 26

Cut the strip in half.

Step 27

Fold both pieces of pink paper in half.

Step 28

Glue a loop from one strip.

Step 29

Prepare the other tiny strip to wrap it around.

Step 30

Add glue.

Step 31

Place the two pieces together in a “+” sign to make a bow.

Step 32

Cut off the excess of the bow.

Step 33

Glue the bow to the princess’s hair.

Step 34

To make the dress stand out, you can add two rhinestones.

Step 35

The final look is this princess paper craft!

DIY Printable Paper Princess Craft

She is fun to look at and even more adorable to play with!

DIY Paper Princess Craft

There are many ways to personalize the princess, from her hairstyle to her eye color.

Printable Paper Pricess Craft

Let your child’s imagination run wild!

Princess Paper Craft Idea

Get Your Princess Paper Craft Template Here

Princess Paper Craft Template

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