Paper Rosette Pig Craft

If a pig is your favorite animal, then this Paper Rosette Pig Craft will be a big hit. Making a rosette is something that gets easier every time you do it.

This craft is simple to complete, but the result is creativity at its finest.

Paper Rosette Pig Craft

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Pigs are super friendly animals that are easy to fall in love with. You can also make your own Farm Animals Finger Puppets for your next project.

Learning about pigs is also tons of fun because they have so many fun qualities and features.

This craft can act as a supplement to learning about pigs!

How to Make a Paper Rosette Pig Craft

What you need: 

  • yellow, pink, and white construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • string

Step by Step Tutorial

Lay out a yellow piece of paper.

Fold it in half.

Now cut the piece of paper in half.

Start making the rosette by folding both pieces of paper like a fan.

Keep folding.

When the piece of paper ends, that is when you should stop folding.

Glue the end piece of the fan.

Glue it to the second piece.

Squeeze everything together and fold in half as shown.

Take a piece of string or yarn and tie it together. Go ahead and cut off the excess string.

You are going to glue the end of the rosette to make sure it stays together.

You may need to hold it there (for a moment) to ensure it stays.

Your rosette should be a complete circle, as shown.

Freehand a few pig ears and a cute pig nose!

Glue the facial parts on as shown. Don’t forget to give the pig eyes with personality!

Paper Rosette Pig Craft Idea

The result is the Paper Rosette Pig Craft that can bring hours of entertainment to your kids.

Craft making has to be a lot of fun, and this pig craft will help!

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