Paper Rosette Snail Craft

Snails have got to be one of the most underappreciated mollusks of the world.

Not only are they cool to study, but they also make a great craft idea. This Paper Rosette Snail Craft is pure enjoyment for kids!

Paper Rosette Snail Craft

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Snails are so interesting! Did you know when they feel threatened, they hide in their shell.

Another interesting fact about snails is that their main priority is food and hiding from predators. This craft may not be a natural snail, but it’s extra fun to do because it helps us celebrate these exciting creatures.

You will want to make this Paper Rosette Snail Craft with your kids!

How to Make a Paper Rosette Snail Craft

What you need:

  • pink and yellow construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black marker
  • string or yarn

Step by Step Tutorial

The rosette

Lay the pink paper flat.

Go ahead and cut the piece in half.

Start to flow it like a fan to start making the rosette.

You are going to glue the last section of the fan.

Take both sections that you folded like a fan and put them together.

Fold everything in half, as you see in the picture.

Unfold and tie a string in the middle. Cut the string down to get rid of the excess.

Once you have the string placed in the correct position, you are going to start gluing again.

This time you’re going to glue the ends together shown here.

To complete the rosette, you will glue the ends together to make a circle.

Make sure everything is super tight and secure!

Place the rosette on the yellow paper as a place holder and draw the snail’s body around it!

Once you have the snail cut out, you can glue the rosette piece on top of the snail.

Make sure to press firmly!

The final product will look like this, and you can add a little smile and eyes to the snail.

Paper Rosette Snail

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