Cat Corner Bookmarks – Halloween Origami for Kids

If you are looking for a fun craft to make for Halloween or are just a cat lover these somewhat scary cat corner bookmarks are a great thing to make! DIY corner bookmarks are a great origami for kids to start with as they are quick and simple to make and your little ones can get super creative when they decorate them (just check some others we already made).

Halloween Cat Corner Bookmarks

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Cat Corner Bookmars

What you need

  • black origami paper
  • black paper (preferably construction paper)
  • wiggle eyes stickers
  • white paper
  • pink paper
  • scissors (decorative scissors are handy)
  • glue


Fold the black origami paper diagonally – both sides-


Fold diagonally – making a triangle with the black side on the outside.


Grab hold of the top of the triangle (one layer only) and fold it towards the bottom of the triangle (to the centre). Crease well.


Hold the right corner and fold it towards the bottom centre of the triangle as shown on the picture.


Do the same with the left corner. Crease well.


Unfold both ends.


Grab hold of the right corner and fold it to the top of the triangle as shown on the picture. Crease.


Repeat with the other side – you’ll get a square.
step9Tuck in the left “flap” into the pocket.step8

Repeat with the other one.


Now it’s time to decorate your origami cat corner bookmarks. Cut two small black triangles out of black paper and a pair of smaller ones out of pink paper. Glue the pink triangles onto the black ones – making ears. Stick the ears on the back of the bookmark. Glue on two sticky eyes. Cut two “fangs” out of white paper. Cut teeth out of white paper – we used zig zag scissors. Glue on the inside of the bookmark. Lastly, cut a small nose shape out of pink paper and glue it on. Meow!


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Cat Halloween Corner Bookmark

Adorable Halloween Cat Corner Bookmark

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