Adorable Paper Plate Animal Crafts

Get your kids to learn more about animals with these adorable paper plate animal crafts that will make your kids busy for some time.

We absolutely adore paper plate crafts as they are easy to make, take little time and the end result is always gorgeous!

Absolutely Cute Paper Plate Animals - These paper plate crafts are great for preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and older kids!

These creative projects are appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and older ones.

1. First take a look at and make this cute paper plate fox. Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Here is yet another nice and easy project for your kids.  Create a wonderful peacock paper plate craft! Easy Peasy and Fun

3. Need something fierce? Make a rockin’ paper plate shark! Artsy Momma

4. Have any spare cupcake liners? Combine them with a paper plate and make a sweet paper plate and cupcake liner fish. Easy Peasy and Fun

5. Let’s go on an underwater adventure. Have some fun with creating a paper plate octopus. Easy Peasy and Fun

Woodland Paper Plate Animals

6. This sweet paper plate duckling is fun and easy to make. Use a few more paper plates to make a big duck family. Crafty Morning

7. Going back to the age of dinosaurs. Making this crocodile paper plate craft will surely thrill your kids. Easy Peasy and Fun

8. Use your imagination and combine paper plates and cupcake liners to make a panda. Glued to My Crafts

9. Afraid of spiders? Not any more with these cute paper plate spiders. Kids Activities Blog

10. Have some fun with making this magnificent animal – a bear paper plate craft. Crafty Morning

11. Adorable story about Finding Nemo – a little clown fish – will make your children want to create more underwater animals. Create a paper plate Nemo and his friends. I Heart Arts n Crafts

12. The kids will just love this cute paper plate sheep. Housing a Forest

13. Create another cute farm animal with this cow paper plate craft. ABC Creative Learning

14. How about some cold breeze? Have some fun and make an adorable paper plate penguin. I Heart Crafty Things

15. Get to know another majestic wild animal. Try and make this paper plate tiger craft. No Time for Flash Cards

16. Create an interesting paper plate froggy puppets craft with combining paper plates and egg cartons. The Craft Train

17. Here is another cute and easy to make hedgehog paper plate craft. Crafty Morning

18. Who wouldn’t want to make this nice little red creature? Make a paper plate ladybug. Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Woodland Paper Plate Animals

19. Do not miss these super cute owl paper plate crafts. Happy Hooligans

20. How about making a charming yellow paper plate bird project? Kids Activities Blog

21. Get crafty with this lovely paper plate bunny. The Pleasantest Thing

22. This lovely paper plate cat is easy to do and fun to make. Coffee Cups and Crayons

23. A nice crafty project for your little ones. Make a paper plate piglets. Teach Preschool

24. The summer fun has almost begun. Prepare your scissors, paint and paper plates to make a cute paper plate crab. Crafty Morning

25. And here is another fun way to get your kids involved – a paper plate goat. Mommy’s Bundle

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

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