Paper Plate Peacock – Crafts for Kids

This super easy craft is fun all year round – let’s make a paper plate peacock!

Paper plate crafts are fun for all ages – preschoolers and kids in kindergarten love to create with them and they are great for older kids too!

Paper Plate Peacock Craft

A fun after school crafty project the whole family can do together! If you’ve got a non crafty person in your home though you can keep them busy by giving them these intricate peacock coloring pages.


What you’ll need to make a paper plate peacock!

  • 1 paper plate
  • 1 cupcake liner (yellow is the best but you can easily color it) – optional
  • scissors
  • colors
  • glue
  • pencil to draw the template

Start by drawing the template for your peacock on the paper plate (as shown on the picture).

Peacock Template

Color the tail part green and the body part blue on both sides of the paper plate. Let it dry.

While you are waiting for it to dry cut the cupcake liner into eights (color it yellow beforehand if needed and let dry).  Draw a blue spot on each of the cupcake liner eights (we used our fingers).

Once everything is dry start gluing the cupcake liners on the edge of the soon to be peacock’s tail.

Fold the body part towards the tail part.

Draw or glue on the beak and eyes.

You can also add some glitter to give this little birdy some bling bling!

Peacock Paper Plate Craft

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