Paper Dandelions

Spring is the time when flowers bloom so celebrate it by crafting your very own paper dandelions in the classroom or at home.

We will show you how to make these lovely spring flowers out of paper in a few simple steps.

Paper Dandelions Craft for Kids

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It is a simple craft where you cut out different pieces of paper and transform them into beautiful stems, leaves, and flowers.

Paper Dandelion Flowers Craft

To make this paper dandelions even prettier, we’ve added two tiny paper ladybugs to fly around them as well.

DIY Paper Dandelions

We love warmer weather and with our DIY spring projects, you will make the spring come earlier. Paper Flowers are a nice crafting idea to make with your kids using color paper leftovers. And if you want to get all artistic with paint, check out our Drip Painting Flowers.

How to Make Paper Dandelions


What you need:

  • light blue cardboard
  • yellow crepe paper
  • paper (green, red, and black)
  • googly eyes
  • pencil
  • glue
  • scissors

Materials used

Let’s craft.

Step by Step Tutorial

Cut from the yellow crepe paper approximately 1-inch strips.

Step 1

Fold in half and cut with scissors to make nice incisions.

Step 2

The strip should look like this.

Step 2-2

Apply some glue onto the edge …

Step 3

… and roll it up to make a dandelion flower.

Step 3-1

If needed, add some more glue at the end so the flower will stick together nicely.

Step 3-2

Cut off the excess of the flower heads.

Step 3-3

Now make a bunch of dandelion flowers by repeating the steps above.

Step 3-4

Cut thin strips of the green paper for the flower stem.

Step 4

Draw some leaves on the green paper …

Step 5

Cut them out and zig-zag their edges with scissors.

Step 6

Glue the flower stems …

Step 7

add the flowers…

Step 7-1

… and leaves to the cardboard.

Step 7-2

Now draw a ladybug shape on the black paper and cut it out.

Step 8

Draw around that shape on the red paper and cut it out as well.

Step 9

Cut off a small piece from the red shape to make the ladybug’s wings.

Step 10

Glue together the ladybug’s body, wings, and googly eyes. 

Step 11

Draw some dots onto the ladybugs with a marker and stick them onto the cardboard.

Step 12

Your paper dandelion scenery is all done!

Step 13

You can use different shades of green for the stems and leaves if you wish.

Simple Paper Dandelions

They look lovely!

DIY Paper Dandelions Craft

Have fun crafting!

Paper Dandelions Craft Idea

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