Mason Jar Mummy

This mason jar mummy is a fun Halloween crafty arty idea both for kids and kids at heart! Not only is the process fun, it can be used as a wonderful DIY Halloween decoration at your home or in your classroom.

Cute Mason Jar Mummy Halloween Craft for Kids

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We do love Halloween! It’s that special time of the year that is both mysterious and fun. More importantly it’s the time of the year where you can really let your cretivity go loose! There are all kinds of awesome Halloween craft ideas you can do with your kids – be it just for fun or to turn your home or your classroom into a spooly mansion.

Halloween mason jars are a great project to do, as they are fun to make, there are many possibilities and they make the most wonderful DIY decoration.

You can pop in a tea light and make them even cooler. They can easily be used as pencil holders, shelf decorations or as a table centerpiece that will hold flowers, spooky decorations, snacks, straws…

You can also use these as drinking glasses (just don’t paint them on the inside then, and avoid painting the edge where the lid should be). I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like to drink out of a mummy mason jar!

Cute Mason Jar Mummy Craft for Kids

Ready to make your own decorated mason jar? Let make one!

How to Make a Mason Jar Mummy Craft

What you need:

  • mason jar
  • black multi purpose paint
  • paint brush
  • paper first aid tape
  • googly eyes
  • glue (glue gun works best – you can use low temp one wit the kids, regular glue will do OK too)

And any other spooky details you can think of ;).

Ready to make your mason jar mummy? Let’s get crafty!

Protect the working area with a few pieces of scrap paper, especially if young ones will be getting crafty.

Paint the outside (or the inside) of your mason jar black. Depending on the paint you might need to do more than one layer.

Allow the paint to dry – some take minutes, others might need to be let to dry overnight – act according to instructions on the paint itself.

First we need to add a pair of googly eyes (while these look the best/silliest you can also use paper circles with eyes drawn in). Carefully glue two googly eyes towards the top third of the mason jar. Wait a bit for the glue to set.

Stick your paper tape onto the bottom back of the jar and begin wrapping and overlapping the tape around the jar to look like a mummy.

All done! You have made yourself your very own wonderful spooky cool looking Halloween mason jar mummy and it’s all ready to be filled with all kinds of treats or be used as a decoration (remember – tea light that will make it glow).

Mason Jar Mummy Craft for Kids

Such an easy Halloween mason jar craft isn’t it! And super cool one too!

Cute Mason Jar Mummy Craft

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