Mason Jar Fairy House Craft

If you’ve got a bunch of jars and are thinking of ways to repurpuse them this mason jar fairy house might be just the project you can do with your kids!

It’s simple to make and make  a wonderful gift for friends and family as it can be as a candle holder (amongst other things).

Mason Jar Fairy House Craft

First you’ll have to get the labels of off jars – I added some vinegar in a bucket of water and let the jars soak for half an hour and removed the labels with a sponge (some rubbing was necessary). Let them dry.


Cut the doors and windows – I’ve used some sort of see through adhesive (and I use the word adhesive very loosely here) tape that wasn’t all that good but it did turn out good enough in the end – stickers from albums usually work the best or a regular duct tape. Stick them to the jars and color the jars and lids white (I used acrylic spray). Let it dry.

Remove the doors and windows – if any paint got under the stickers you can remove it with nail polish remover.

Bring out the sharpies (or any other permanent markers) and get creative. You can naturally use paints and brushes but markers make things so much easier.

Mason Jar Crafts - Fairy House

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