Lunar and Chinese New Year Crafts

It’s time to celebrate the Lunar and Chinese New Year! Explore all kinds of fun and easy Lunar Chinese New Year crafts for kids. From roaring Chinese dragons to wonderful paper lantern decorations, we’ve got just the craft idea for your kids to celebrate the occasion.

Compared to the Gregorian calendar, Lunar/Chinese New Year falls on a slightly different date each year, as the year follows a lunar calendar – usually in late January or early February.

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Lunar New Year is widely celebrated in many Asian countries, with Chinese New Year being one of the most well-known ones. Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February; it is the most important holiday in Chinese culture and it is celebrated accordingly.

Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

Are you ready to get crafty? Explore these fun ideas and get your kids excited.

1. Paper Plate Chinese New Year Drum

DIY Chinese New Year Drum Craft

Time to get loud! Have the kids make these simple paper plate drums to enjoy the celebrations with.

See the Lunar New Year drum tutorial here

2. Chinese Dragon Puppet

Printable Chinese Dragon Puppets Craft

These dragon puppets are one of our all-time favorite projects. Easy to make and easy to give a personal touch, too as kids can color them however they see fit.

Check out the tutorial and template.

3. Paper Plate Chinese Dragon

Paper Plate Chinese Dragon Idea

Paper plates can also be used to make the magnificent Chinese dragon! And what’s even better is that your kids can make it in a way that they can use their creations as a puppets to play with.

See the tutorial here

4. Chatty Clothespin Puppets

Chinese New Year Dragon Clothespin Puppets

They are easy to make and oh so much fun to play with! We absolutely adore these Lunar Dragon clothespin puppets. With four different dragon designs, your kids will be playing with these for hours. And they can color in their own!

See the Chinese Dragon clothespin puppets

5. Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern Craft Idea

Paper lanterns are a must when it comes to this celebration. There are many ways you and your kids can make them, and we think this one looks pretty cool!

Tutorial coming soon

6. Cupcake Liner Lunar Dragon Craft

DIY Cupcake Liner Chinese Dragon Craft

These dragons are known for their long, almost snake-like bodies, and this is why cupcake liners are perfect for crafting one! Your kids can use any colors they like or stick with a more traditional selection of colors. Folding or cutting the cupcake liners in half will help them easily create the body of the dragon.

7. Fire Breathing Dragon Art

Fire Breathing Chinese Dragon Craft

A craft featuring paper fire swirls coming out of the dragon’s mouth? Yes, please! This project is perfect for making a classroom display.

Check out the template and tutorial here

8. Paper Swirl Lunar Dragons

Another fun craft that is perfect for decorating your home or your classroom! The swirly dragon decorations. These paper spirals will spin in the air, looking amazing. We made a few different designs to color in (or use the pre-colored ones) as well as a blank design for your kids to make unique patterns on.

See the full tutorial here

9. Festive Pop Up Card

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template

If your kids love giving out cards, this one is the way to go! Pop-up cards are insanely fun to make (and receive).

Check out our Chinese dragon pop-up card

10. Toilet Paper Roll Chinese Dragon

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Chinese Dragon

Let the kids transform a regular toilet paper roll into a fierce-looking dragon. Paint the paper roll, decorate it, and cut it into a spiral. Add the finishing touches, and it’s done.

11. Simple Lunar Dragon Craft

DIY Paper Plate Chinese Dragon

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