Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template

What better way to appreciate or celebrate Chinese New Year than by making (and gifting) a cool Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card.

This magnificent creature will open and close it’s mouth as you open and close this pop up card.

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template Printable

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With our Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template, making the coolest pop up card ever becomes a simple task. Print the template, either the pre colored one or black and white one and decorate it yourself.

Chinese dragons were always one of our favorite mythical creatures – so colorful and magnificent. 

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template

How to Make a Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card 

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Print out the template. There are multiple sizes available both as a precolored template as well as black and white template for kids to color in.

If you printed the black and white one, the first thing that needs to be done is to color in the template.

Step 2

Cut out the card – cut along the rectangle outline.

Step 3

Fold the card in half, following the dashed line across the card. Make the fold nice and crisp.

Step 4

Next comes the cutting again. Find the zig zag line that goes between the dragons’ teeth.

Cut along that line.

Step 5

Next comes the folding. Look for the dashed line that goes along the face outline. 

Fold along that line (it doesn’t matter on which side you fold) – just make sure the folds are nice and crisp. Run your fingers across the folds a couple times.


Step 6

Gently open up the card (unfold it).

Push your fingers through the dragon’s mouth, from the backside of the card and…

…slowly close the card.

This is what you should be seeing right now.

Step 7

Next we need a construction paper card base that needs to be the same size or larger than the rectangle with the template.

In our case (the smallest size card) – half a letter sheet / A4 sheet will do the work.

Fold the card in half.

Step 8

Apply glue on one side of the folded template.

Stick it inside the card. 

Apply glue on the other side of the template.

Close up the card and wait for the glue to set.

All done! Your Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card is complete.

Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template

Get the Chinese Dragon Pop Up Card Template

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