How to Make Paper Spiral Chinese Dragons

Need a fun decoration for Lunar and Chinese New Year? Learn how to make paper spiral Chinese dragons; you can use our handy template or have the kids draw their own.

These are perfect for decorating your home or your classroom, making them a great group project. The more of these, the merrier.

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We’ve made a few designs, as well as a design your own template where kids can fill in the dragon’s body with the pattern of their own choosing.

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragons

This is a great craft with a focus on scissor skills.

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon

And most importantly, it’s fun to make.

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon Craft

How to Make Paper Spiral Chinese Dragons

What you need:

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template and have the kids color the dragon (or print the pre-colored one).

We started with a yellow marker, but kids can use any color or coloring supplies. If kids use markers, we suggest printing the template on heavier print paper.

Step 1

The yellows are done.

Step 2

Have them choose another color to fill in the dragon’s scales.

Step 3

We finished the dragon’s body with red.

Step 4

Have them color the dragon’s head – we think green gave ours a vibrant touch.

Step 5

We added some blue too.

Step 6

The head of our dragon will be yellow.

Step 7

And the same goes for the legs.

Step 8

Time to color the flames.

Step 9

And orange hue on the outer side.

Step 10

Almost done with the coloring.

Step 11

Add a few details to the nails, and the coloring is complete!

Step 12

Now, have kids cut out the dragon parts.

Step 13

There should be four legs and the body.

Step 14

Have kids follow the dashed lines with scissors and cut out the snake-like body.

Step 15

Instruct them to cut out the dragon up to the tail.

Step 16

Have them glue on the legs.

Step 17


Step 18

This paper spiral Chinese dragon looks so cool!

DIY Paper Spiral Chinese Dragon

You can tape a string to its tail and hang it.

DIY How to Make Paper Spiral Chinese Dragons

These spiral dragon mobiles will look fabulous anywhere you place them!

Paper Spiral Dragons

Happy Lunar New Year!

Paper Spiral Chinese Dragons Craft

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