Llama Puppet Craft

This Llama Puppet Craft is the perfect adventure companion. He’s colorful and is ready to be the perfect puppet for playtime!

Making this puppet will keep kids engaged and excited!

Llama Puppet Craft

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DIY Paper Llama Puppet Craft

We love how our llama puppet turned out, and we’re inviting you to craft with us.

DIY Llama Puppet

How to Make a Llama Puppet Craft

What you need:

  • white, creme, blue, pink, yellow, orange papers
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • colored markers
  • pencil
  • tape
  • wood stick
  • small green pom-pom

Step by Step Tutorial

The Llama

Cut out the template.

Step 1

Use the template to trace the llama onto the desired colored paper. 

Step 2

Trace the tail, the mouthpiece, and the hair onto a yellow color paper.

Step 4

Once you cut out the llama, you will want to start by coloring the feet.

Step 5

The Head

The llama’s ears can be colored pink. 

Step 6

The piece of fur you traced and cut out earlier will go on top of the llama’s head. 

Step 7

Next, add the mouthpiece to the llama. 

Step 8

Now is your chance to draw a smile and eyes onto the llama. 

Step 9

Using the same pink marker you used for the ears – it’s time to draw on blush marks. 

Step 10

The Tail

Don’t forget to add on the llama’s tail.

Step 12

The finished llama should look like this.

Step 13

The Blanket

Next, you’re going to make a colorful blanket for the llama. Start by cutting out a square on blue paper. 

Step 14

Choose other colors to cut squares out, but make the square a little smaller each time. 

Step 15

Yellow is a great color choice!

Step 16

Orange is also a neat one. 

Step 17

You are going to layer the blanket, gluing each square on top of the other. 

Step 18

The final product will look like the square below. 

Step 19

The Harness

Cut a long thin strip of blue paper. 

Step 22

And then cut a long thin strip of yellow paper. 

Step 23

We’re making the harness for our llama. 

Step 24

Fold it around the llama’s neck, as shown in the picture. 

Step 25

Make sure you do both colors. 

Step 26

Glue the blanket on top of the llama. 

Step 27

One of the final touches is adding the green pom-pom to the llama. 

Step 28

The Stick

Use a stick as the puppet piece for the back of the llama. 

Step 29

Make sure it’s taped to the back of the llama. 

Step 30

It needs to be taped down well because kids can be rough with puppets.

Step 32

Now the llama is ready to go on many adventures! 

Step 33

Isn’t this llama adorable?

DIY Llama Puppet Craft

You can make the whole family of llamas if you like.

Paper Llama Puppet Craft

Stay tuned and have fun crafting.

Llama Puppet Craft Idea

Get Your Llama Puppet Craft Template Here

Llama Puppet Craft Template

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