Movable Bird Paper Doll

Flap your wings little bird – make our Movable Bird Paper Doll and let this cute birdie fly high in the sky.

Your kids can make this paper craft as colorful as they want (rainbow bird anyone) or keep it looking realistic, either way it’s a fun project to make.

Movable Bird Paper Doll Paper Craft for KidsMovable Bird Paper Doll Paper Craft for Kids

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You can make this movable doll with or without string.

Movable Bird Paper Doll

If you’ll make it with string, once the string is pulled, the bird will move it’s wings. Pretty sweet, right?

How to Make a Movable Bird Paper Doll

What you need:

  • our bird paper doll template
  • paper (heavier print paper / card stock preferred
  • coloring supplies if printing the black and white paper doll template
  • scissors
  • paper fasteners (also known as brads or split pins – most office supply stores or craft supply stores carry them)
  • string
  • optional craft stick

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template. If your kids opted for a black and white template, the first step is to color the bird’s body and wings.

Next, cut along the dashed line (outlining the body and wings).

Punch holes (two on the body, two on each wing). Adult supervision required.

On the wings, there is a larger black hole for the string (if you won’t be using the string, you don’t have to punch this hole).

Do punch a hole through the white circle.

Punch two holes (white circles) on the body.

You’ll need two paper fasteners to make this paper doll.

Push the paper fastener through the hole on the body…

And through the white hole on the wing.

Split the paper fastener to secure it. 

You can spin it around a little for the mechanism to work smoother.

Repeat with the other wing.

If not using the string, you are done. 

If you are using the thread, string it through the larger holes on the template.


Tie a know (the loop has to be large)

All done! Your movable bird paper doll is complete!

You can also add a craft stick on the back as a handle.

Get the Movable Bird Paper Doll Template

Bird Paper Doll Craft for Kids

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