Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft

We are ready to celebrate Mother’s day and our adorable Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft, a photo craft keepsake will really make it memorable.

This project is great for all ages – you can make it with handprints or have older kids draw the butterfly wings (or use tissue paper, beads or any other material).

Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft Idea

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This adorable Mother’s day craft is great to make in the classroom too! When working with younger kids, have them stamp their hands on a separate sheet of paper and then cut out the handprint outlines and stick them on the template frame. You can naturally have them stamp their hands directly inside the template too.

The butterflies can have one set of wings (two handprints) or two sets (four handprints).

Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft

How to Make the Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft


What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template – the frame and the butterfly body.

We’ll start by making the wings. You can have the kids stamp their hands on the template (or on a seperate sheet of paper) or have them trace around their hand on a colorful paper.

Cut out the hand outline. We made 2 pairs of handprints for this one, one pair in blue and one pair in orange.

Apply glue on the palm part of the handprint…

And stick it inside the frame. 

Do the same with the remaining wings.

Apply glue on the back of the butterfly’s body.

And stick it on the frame – between the pair of handprint butterfly wings.

Last but not list, stick a photo inside the butterfly’s head.

There is also a template that doesn’t require a child’s head photo included.

Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft for Kids

Get the Handprint Butterfly Mothers Day Craft Template

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