Handprint Fox Craft

We have a wonderful craft idea for all the fox lovers out there – let’s make handprint fox craft (that’s not actually a hanprint but a hand-trace craft).

This is an easy project to make, that doesn’t take long so it’s also great to use in the classroom (great for advanced scissor practice).

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Foxes are one of my favorite forest animals (right after hedgehogs, really, really close). As I grew up right next to the forest I was lucky enough to have my fair share of fox sightings and I have to say they trully are adorable animals.

We do love making fox crafts and fall is the perfect season of the year to add a few new ones to our collection.

This handprint craft is a twist on your regular handprint art, it still has that “keepsake” feel as your kids or students can write on their age on it and you can save it for years to come but focuses on different skills.

Your little ones need to trace their hands with a pencil (or crayon) and also use scissors to make this crafty project – so this one is appropriate for kindergarten and older (ages 6 and up). If you’ll be making this craft with younger kids assistance with cutting might be required.

Ready? Let’s get crafty!

Handprint Fox Craft for KidsHow to Make Handprint Fox Craft

What you need:

  • orange paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue
  • white paint
  • googly eyes or wiggle eye stickers

You can also draw the eyes.

Watch The Video Tutorial

Or Follow these Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Handprint Fox

Trace your hand with a pencil or a crayon.

Cut out your hand outline. Take it nice and slow.

Draw a head shape. Draw two triangles for the ears.

Cut the head shape out.

Paint with white paint on the sides of the head.

Also paint the end of the “thumb” white.

Allow the paint to dry then draw the nose (and if you want some pink in the ears).

Glue on or draw eyes.

Glue the head onto the body.

All done! You have made a wonderful handprint fox craft!

Cute Handprint Fox Craft

Handprint Fox Craft for Kids #handprintart

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