Easy Peasy Halloween Cat Painting Tutorial

Excite your little ones with this easy peasy Halloween cat painting tutorial. With just a few bush strokes your little artists will be painting their very own black cat.

This is a great art project for the classroom and it will make the most wonderful Halloween display.

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With Halloween fast approaching, there is no such thing as too much Halloween craft and art ideas! Have kids learn with our changing emotions witch craft or make Halloween paper mosaics.

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How to Paint the Easy Peasy Halloween Cat Painting

What you need:

  • pencil
  • orange color construction paper
  • tempera or acrylic paint (black, purple, and yellow)
  • paintbrush
  • white chalk marker or white paint

Grab your tools and follow our “how to paint a cat easy” tutorial for a stress-free painting experience.

Step by Step Tutorial

Take a sheet of orange construction paper. You can draw an outline of the cat with pencil or you can skip this step and go straight into painting. Start with the oval shape for the head and work your way from there.

Step 1

Use black paint and color an oval shape for the head.

Paint two triangles for the cat ears.

Step 2

Paint an oval shape for the body.

Next, paint two oval shapes at the bottom of the body to make the cat’s paws.

Step 3

Paint the cat’s tail.

Step 4

Wait for the paint to dry.

For the next step you can make a quick sketch with a pencil – draw the inner ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Or you can just go in with the paint, without sketching in the details.

With purple paint, color in the inner ears. Also, paint an oval shape for the nose.

Step 5

Paint the semicircles of the eyes with yellow paint.

If working with younger kids, you can have them paint a yellow circle first and paint it over with black paint later on.

Step 6

Use a white marker to draw the mouth and claws.

Step 7

Your Halloween cat is finished!

Step 8

We hope this Halloween cat painting tutorial will be a fun and simple Halloween art project that kids can easily make for Halloween.

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