Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft

With the scariest time of the year upon us it’s time to make a Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft!

Make a ton of these and hang them on a thread! They will look really cool floating around.Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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Making Halloween crafts sure is fun, and when you can use them to decorate your house, turning it into haunted mansion the fun doubles!

You can make a ton of these and make a garland out of them too.

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

We find these paper roll ghost super spooky, so we will show you how to craft one using a toilet paper roll.

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids to Make

You will complete this project in no time because it really isn’t a demanding one.

How to Make the Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft

What you need:

  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • scissors
  • brush
  • white acrylic color
  • black acrylic color
  • pencil

Materials Used

Let’s craft!

Step by Step Instructions

Draw a ghost shape on the toilet paper roll. You can draw them with or without the hands. 

For younger kids we recommend drawing one without hands as it will make the cutting way easier.

Step 1
Cut out the ghost shape using scissors.

Step 2
Paint the toilet roll using white acrylic paint. One layer will be enough, even if it doesn’t cover the paper roll’s texture. Ghosts are see through afterall!

Step 3
Paint the mouth and the eyes with black acrylic paint. Let the color dry.

Step 4

Paint two white pupils on the black eyes. This will make the ghost less scary in our opinion.

You could also paint a red tongue inside the mouth.

Step 5
All done! Easy-peasy, right?

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids to Make

You can make the additional ghosts in different colors, maybe green and orange ones. There is no rule saying ghosts have to be white.

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

They might look even cooler. You can also add googly eyes instead of painting the eyes. That will make the ghost really silly looking.

Ghost Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft Idea


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