Felt Apple Craft – Back to School Crafts for Kids

Whether your are looking for a fun back to school craft or just something that will make a lovely display this felt apple craft is certainly a fun thing to make. Crafting with felt is great for all ages and this simple felt craft is perfect for young kids.

Felt Apple Craft - Quick Back to School Craft

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Felt Apple Craft – A Fun Back to School Craft

What you need:

  • wooden embroidery hoop, small to medium in size
  • white felt sheet
  • red felt sheet
  • green felt sheet
  • tan felt sheet
  • small black pom pom or googly eye
  • scissors
  • craft glue (or felt glue)



1. Begin by placing the sheet of white felt in between the embroidery hoop. Press it into place and pull tightly at the edges to remove wrinkles. Take your scissors and trim away the edges so the edge of the hoop is clean.


2. Cut out your shapes that will create your apple. This will include a circle with some curved edges for the base of your apple, cut from red felt. Cut out a small oval from your green felt for a decorative leaf.

A small rectangle from the tan felt makes a stem. A small squiggle made from additional green felt makes the perfect worm.

3. Take your scissors and make a slit in the side of the apple shape. This is where you can slip the worm in so it looks like it is coming out of the apple.


4. Use your craft glue to assemble your apple. Once it is assembled and dry you can add some glue to the backs of the felt and press it to the main white felt.

5. For the final touch, add a pom pom or googly eye to the head of the worm.

Fun Back to School Craft

Your felt apple craft is now ready to be displayed. It can hang on a wall or be propped on a desk for a quick decoration.

Apple Craft for Back to School - Simple Felt Crafts for Kids


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