Father’s Day Agamograph Template

Still looking for the perfect Father’s day craft for kids to make?  Why not print our Father’s Day Agamograph Template and have the kids make a pretty unique DIY gift for their dads?

This one is great both as a project to make in the classroom as well as to make at home.

Father's Day Agamograph Template for Kids

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We do love agamographs here at Easy Peasy and Fun, if you frequent our website often we are sure you already noticed.

If you are new to our website (or just want more agamographs), well here are a few we think you should most certainly check, besides the Father’s day one:

So many fun ones right? We made one for Mother’s day a little while ago, so one for father’s day certainly was a must to make.

This one will let the dad in the family know  that their kid loves their dad – well the dad already knows 😉 but you know hearing or reading it over and over again never hurts.

Father's Day Agamograph

Once you look at the agamograph from another perspective another image will uncover, this time with an image of a tie and a couple of moustache and stars.

Father's Day Agamograph for Kids

Simple and fun! So are you ready to make your own? Let’s do it!

How To Make Father’s Day Agamograph

What you need:

  • our printable template (grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • coloring supplies – from crayons to markers, anything goes
  • scissors
  • optional: scoring tool
  • heavier print paper (optimal, regular print paper is OK too).

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by printing the template. We do recommend heavier print paper as not only will it make last longer, it’s also easier to color with markers (if you choose to color with them).

The folding will be a bit harder with heavier print paper though, so if working with younger kids – regular print paper + crayons are your best option.

Color the template. To help with coloring, there is also a reference file you can use included – with pictures shown as a whole.

Once you are done coloring your agamograph, cut it out.

Tip: to make the folds really nice and straight, run a scoring tool (or something similar, like in our case a skewer) across the lines on the agamograph.

This will both make the folding easier, and the folds neater.

Ready to fold? Start on one side (no matter which one) and make alternating valley and mountain folds (aka accordion fold) from one end to the other.

Press down after each fold (you can also run a craft stick over the folds) to make them neat and crisp.

Continue folding all the way to the other end.

Gently pull the ends to spread the agamograph a little and enjoy watching the images alternate.

Father's Day Agamograph Craft for Kids

Printable Father's Day Agamograph Template for Kids

Get the Father’s Day Agamograph Template

Click here to get the template: version one; version two.

Happy crafting!

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