Fairy Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Print out our collection of printable fairy coloring pages and let your kids embark on a magical coloring adventure. From simple designs, younger kids will thoroughly enjoy to more detailed ones that older kids (and you) will love.

Are you ready? Let’s color!

Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

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Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

Do your kids love fairytales? If they do, they’re going to love this set of 30 Fairy Coloring Pages. The designs are appropriate for younger (preschool and kindergarten) and older kids who love to use various coloring supplies. And if they want to color some more fairytale characters, we got a collection of 30 Princess Coloring Pages. We’ve got hundreds of other printable coloring pages waiting for your kids as well.

Once they are done coloring these, they can even try their hand at drawing a fairy of their own, we have a handy tutorial for just that.

Free Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

We’re sharing 10 Free Fairy Coloring Pages to get in see what’s waiting for you in our membership library.

We hope your kids will love to color all 30 fairy coloring pages.

Cute Fairy Coloring Pages

Cute Fairy Coloring Pages

Did you know fairies make their skirts and clothes? This cute fairy made her skirt out of leaves she found, and she also put a flower in her hair. Color the whole page and enjoy the fairy world.

Waiting for Magic

Waiting for Magic

Fairies are so busy with magic, so they need to take some rest from time to time. This sitting beauty is just strengthening her powers by taking a nap on a rock. Help her fill her batteries by coloring the page with different colors.

Fairy Bride Coloring Page

Fairy gets Married

Fairy is getting married – color the bouquet, dress, and flower head wreath with your favorite coloring supplies. Remember, the fairies like vivid colors, so the bride’s clothing can be in any color you want.

Sharing Love

Sharing Love

Do you believe in fairies? They are well-known for spreading good and bringing luck. Grab your coloring supplies and color this adorable character with your colored pencils.

Detailed Fairy Coloring Pages

Fairy among Flowers Coloring Sheet

They are so tiny they can hide among flowers with no effort at all. They can dance on blossoms and fly around as bees do. Isn’t that amazing? Color this dancing fairy with any colors you want.

Beutiful Fairy Coloring Page

Shy Fairy Coloring Page

Did you know fairies are also really shy and hard to spot? Color the beautiful fairy coloring page with your favorite coloring supplies. This one would look great with pink wings and a light blue dress.

Opening the Magic Potion

Magic Potion

You ever wondered how fairies make their potions? Sometimes they gather different plants and flowers to create one. It depends on what potion they’re making. This one has already made her new potion, and we can sense it from here – it smells so lovely. Grab your crayons and color the whole page.

Fairy in the Sky Coloring Sheet

Flying Fairy Coloring Sheet

Fairies are masters of flying; they can fly so high and fast it is tough to see or catch them. A blink of an eye – and they’re gone. This coloring page will be perfect for kindergartners.

Midnight Flight

Midnight Flight

These mythical creatures are most active at night, and sometimes, they need to gather the ingredients for their potions from flowers that only bloom on full moons. Help this flying fairy find her way by coloring the whole page.

Fairy Coloring Sheet

Pretty Fairy Coloring Page

If your kids love fairies, this would be another excellent page for them to practice on. Choose your best crayons or markers, color the beauty with vivid colors, and don’t forget to color the background.

Exclusive Member Fairy Coloring Pages

Can’t get enough of fairy coloring pages? We prepared a preview of the rest of the collection, seen below. To grab the whole set of 30 fairy coloring pages, visit our membership library and grab them all.

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Shy Beauty

Shy Fairy

Ready to start coloring your set? Get those crayons running and color this beautiful fairy sitting on a rock. We bet she will look great in any color you choose.

Sitting on a Mushroom

Beauty on Mushroom Coloring Page

Maybe this fairy is sad or just tired of all the flying she did during the night. She is sitting on a big mushroom, resting and waiting to get some color. Color the whole page and enjoy.

Dancing Fairy Coloring Pages

Dancing Fairy Coloring Pages

Dancing makes fairies very happy, and they sure are the best dancers we know. They even dance when flying, can you imagine? Color this adorable fairy and her beautiful wings with your best coloring supplies.

Fairy with Two Ponytails

Cute Mythical Being

Have fun coloring another fairy coloring page. Make her ponytails shine, and her dress pop out using vivid markers.

Enjoying the Riverside

Beside a River

Fairies are so busy sometimes they need to take some time off and enjoy their surroundings: Color the fairy, the river, and the background bushes with your coloring supplies.

Fairy on a Big Mushroom

Sitting on a big Mushroom

Have you ever seen a fairy on a mushroom? Here is a nice character waiting to get colored by your best markers. Enjoy and color the whole page.

Flowers and Fairy Coloring Pages

Magical Fairy Coloring Pages

Have you ever wondered how big fairies are? This one is sitting on a bunch of bellflowers and is pretty small. But them being small doesn’t mean they can’t fly big distances. She flew all the way here just for you.

Fairy Princess Coloring Sheet

Enjoying the Day

What a beauty! Another fairy sitting on a mushroom. This coloring sheet will be perfect for all the kids who love these fairytale characters. They can color her dress in rainbow-like colors or whatever colors they like.

Fairy Coloring Pages

Fairy Coloring Pages

Fairies really like to sit on flowers blossoms. It is just what they love to do. And we love to color them, so grab your coloring supplies and color the whole page.

Flying Beauty

Beautiful Spirit

Another beautiful fairy to color. This one will be perfect for younger kids who like these popular characters.

Magical Fairy Coloring Sheet

Fairy Princess

Magic is all around, especially if you’re in a company of a fairy. She is holding a magic wand, and we bet she will grant you wishes. Make her happy and color her dress and wings with the colors you want.

Sitting on a Crescent Moon

Magical Creature on the Moon

They sure can fly far – this fairy traveled a long way all up to the moon so you can color her. Make the moon really shine by coloring the background with a darker color. She will look perfect among the stars.

Enjoying on a Wooden Swing

Enjoying on a Wooden Swing

Even fairies love to play on a swing—what a beautiful sight. We can just feel the breeze as she moves back and forth on the wooden swing—Color the whole page, including butterflies and the background, to make her pop out.

Fairy Waving

Fairy Waving Coloring Page

Wave at this neat fairy and color her dress in any color you like. This coloring page will be great for all the kids who love these fairytale characters.

Fairy with a Magic Wand

Making Magic

Another fairy holding a magic wand. What kind of spell will she throw upon us? We bet it is something good. Grab your coloring supplies and do your magic.

Picking Flowers

Gathering Flowers

Make this one happy by coloring the grass, dress, a big flower, and the background with your favorite colors. We know she would look lovely in light blue, but any color you choose will fit.

Dancing Fairy Coloring Sheet

Cute Fairy Coloring Pages

Ready for hugs? The dancing fairy is waiting for one and would be glad if you colored her dress. Have fun and color on.



These magical creatures have a lot of things on their minds. Color this daydreaming fairy with your best crayons or markers and have fun making her stand out by coloring the background too.

Ballerina Fairy Coloring Pages

Balerina Fairy Coloring Page

Another adorable dancing character flying around effortlessly. As you may have noticed, we love fairies, and we would love to see this one in full colors.

Traveling on Clouds

Magical Fairy Coloring Pages

Sometimes fairies have enough of flying around and hop on a cloud to take them places. We bet your kids will color the fairy with some nice vivid colors and work on the background and the clouds too.

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